Leaves change colors. Apples ripen. Acorns and pinecones fall. It’s a great time to take your child on an autumn treasure hunt. Afterward, help your child use the autumn treasures to make:

  • A fall wreath. Cut the center out of a paper plate. Paint or color the plate brown. Glue on items from your collection.

  • Apple art. Slice an apple in half. Let your child dip the flat side into paint. Use it as a stamp on white or fall-colored paper.

  • Glittering pinecones. Dip pinecones into a bowl of glue, then into a bowl of glitter.

  • Leaf impressions. Take a sheet of construction paper and place a leaf on it. Set it in the sun for three hours to make a neat picture.

  • Leaf outlines. Tape leaves to a large sheet of paper. Help your child trace around the leaves. Draw pictures inside them suggested by their different shapes.

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