They will know how to listen when someone is speaking or reading a story. Here’s how to help if you think your child has difficulty paying attention:

  • Give your child short tasks, such as putting together a puzzle of four pieces or coloring part of a picture. When she is done, say, “You did it!” The more success she has, the more she will learn to pay attention. Make tasks longer as her attention span increases.

  • Try using a kitchen timer. Many children work better if they have a cue. “I’m going to set the timer for 10 minutes. I want you to make shapes from this clay until you hear the timer beep.”

  • Keep work areas free of clutter. Most children find it easier to concentrate without too many objects around them.

  • Tell your child what you expect. “We are going to read a story now. I need you to sit next to me and look at the book while I read.”

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