You should expect attention span in early childhood to be short. But it will increase as your child grows. And there’s plenty you can do to help. To encourage your child to stick with projects:

  • Start small. Give your child a puzzle of just a few pieces. Or ask her to draw a simple picture.

  • Offer a suggestion if she needs help getting started. “Try to find the piece that goes in this corner.”

  • Encourage her as she goes along. “You’re almost finished!”

  • Encourage her to take a break and then finish a task. “After you have had your snack, why not finish coloring your picture?”

  • Limit TV. A program or two is fine. But too much TV teaches a child to shift focus too quickly. That can keep her from paying attention.

  • Praise her when she completes her project. “You did it! You must feel proud.”

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