He is trying to sort out so many things that sometimes he can’t handle even one more. You can help your child with this by exercising his memory.

Memory is in part a sorting skill. It’s learning to pick one thought out of his brain and concentrate on it. And the better he can concentrate, the better his attention span will be. Try these tips. Just remember to be patient! These are skills that take years to develop.

  • Talk about your day. Ask your child questions that will help her focus on specific events of the day. Keep her talking about the subject as long as she is able. At first it may just be a few seconds.

  • Read together. Here’s one more reason to read to your child. Many children will sit to hear a book when they won’t sit for anything else. When the story is over, ask your child questions about it.

  • Be clear. If you talk to your child from over your shoulder, he’s not likely to pay attention or remember what you say. Look your child in the eye when you are talking. Use simple, specific sentences. Repeat important points several times.

  • Use pictures or props. Your child will be more interested in talking about the neighbor’s new baby if the two of you are looking at a picture of a baby while you talk.

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