Being compassionate helps us get along with others and feel good about ourselves. Here are some ways you can teach your child compassion:

• Set a good example. When you say and do caring things, you show your child how to be compassionate. Point out other compassionate people, too.

• Give your child opportunities to be caring. For example, doing chores teaches about caring for belongings, our family and ourselves. Volunteering as a family teaches about caring for the community.

• Practice empathy. Help your child think about how others feel. Here are some things you might say: “We don’t hit because it hurts other people.” “Johnny lost his stuffed animal. How do you think he feels?” “Grandma is sick today. What do you think might make her feel better?”

• Spend time with your child. When you lovingly care for your child, you teach her to be caring. The more time you spend with her, the more chances you’ll have to teach about compassion.

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