When children concentrate, they can focus their

whole attention on something without being distracted.

This skill will make doing schoolwork easier. It also helps children


It’s easier to teach children how to concentrate before they go to elementary school. After that, it’s harder to correct a child’s inability to concentrate.

Make sure you’re doing these things:

• Stand back when you see your child absorbed in something. Remain silent and don’t interrupt him. Wait until he beckons you.

• Slow down. Take unhurried walks around your house or garden or in the park. Give your child time to touch, feel, listen and examine.

• Watch as your child paints, builds with blocks or does a jigsaw puzzle. Avoid the habit of painting or building for your child.

• Spend quiet times together. Watch ants, for example.

• Read books to your child. Also put out picture books your child can explore on his own.


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