Here’s a timely activity that will help your child learn life skills about nutrition. She’ll also learn art skills and the math skills of comparing and sorting.

Help your child clip small pictures of food from magazines, grocery flyers or the food section of newspapers.


  • Talk with your child about food. “Which foods should we eat? Which keep our bodies strong? And which food is junk food? Too much of it—like candy, chips and soda—can make us sick.”
  • Write the words “Healthy Foods” at the top of a sheet of paper or poster board. Write “Junk Food” on another sheet.
  • Help your child sort and glue pictures of food on each sheet of paper.
  • Explain that we should only eat junk food once in a while, if at all. Talk about your child’s favorite foods. Discuss what she might eat to become even healthier.
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