To not be pushed or led around by classmates?

Then you have to nurture his independence today. Make sure you:

  • Give your child toys that allow him to “make things happen.” These include toys that roll and pop, nontoxic paints, paper, and musical instruments.
  • Let your child direct his own playing.
  • Encourage your child to “do for himself.” Let him put on his own socks and shoes. Teach him how to wash up and brush his teeth. Show him how and where to put his toys away.
  • Let your child experience a little frustration as he does for himself. Only by facing a challenge can he feel the thrill of overcoming it. But step in before he gets overwhelmed.
  • Encourage your child to “do for others.” Ask him to help with daily chores—like setting the table or washing fruit.
  • Give your child choices every day: which of two outfits to wear; which healthy snack to eat; which story to read; or which song to sing.
  • Encourage your child to explore and be curious.
  • Remember your child learns through trial and error. Tell him it’s okay to make mistakes.
  • Recognize each small effort and any progress your child makes.

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