An empty egg carton can help you make a fun game that will reinforce the math facts your child needs to learn.

On the inside bottom of each cup of the egg carton, print a different number. With young children, use the numbers zero through 11. For older children, you can use higher numbers (or more egg cartons).

Now cut out paper eggs. Write a math problem on each. Have your child solve the math problem on each egg and put it in the cup with the correct answer.

You can use this same idea as your child’s math skills progress. You might write fractions on the bottom of the cups. Write other fractions that have the same value on the paper eggs.

For example, one section might be labeled “1/2.” The paper eggs could include fractions like 3/6, 4/8, and 5/10. Your child can put the fractions with the same value in the proper cups.

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