But kids do have to meet state standards in math. To help your child maximize his math skills:

  • Make sure your child knows math vocabulary. Have him define new terms or use examples to demonstrate understanding.

  • Encourage neat writing. Many math errors are due to sloppy number writing. Have your child trace over numbers to practice writing them. Or suggest he use graph paper to keep numbers aligned neatly.

  • Drill basic math facts. Use flash cards until your child can answer in fewer than three seconds.

  • Teach your child to read word problems several times. Have him draw a picture or diagram to help him understand.

  • Help your child master one concept before moving on to the next. Ask the teacher what you can do.

  • Help your child review textbook and worksheet examples. Have him redo the examples before tackling the assignment.

  • Make learning math fun. Play games that require math, such as Yahtzee, dominoes, and Monopoly.

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