search shows that children can learn the skills they need to make friends. Parents can play an important role in the process.

First, kids who have a lot of friends are thoughtful of others. They say things like “Excuse me” or “Thanks a lot.” Teach your child to use these courtesies.

Kids who make friends easily are willing to help others. If other kids are playing a game, they’re willing to join in. They don’t always have to get their way.

As a parent, you can serve as a role model for your child. Let him see you spending time with your friends. If you are helping a friend, say, “Friends help each other when they need it.”

You can also help your child learn to think about his friends’ opinions. You might say, “What is Tom’s favorite subject in school?”

You can also help your child learn how to disagree with a person while still respecting them. You do that when you correct your child. You do it when you insist that your children talk out their disagreements.

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