Getting children out of bed, dressed and out the door before the school bus arrives is a challenge for most families. For children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the problem can be almost insurmountable.

Help your child create a tape recording that will wake her in the morning. The tape can begin, “Good morning, it’s time to get up.”

Then have your child choose a favorite song to record. After the song, your child’s voice can again say, “It’s time to get up and get dressed.”

Choose two more favorite songs—about the length of time you think it will take your child to get dressed. Then have your child spell out the next chore (make the bed, brush your teeth).

This approach removes parents from a conflict with their child—after all, it’s the child’s own voice that’s doing the nagging. It also gives the ADHD child a sense of control and success.

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