You can help your child by teaching him the A-R-C method. This three-step process will help your child understand what he reads.

A is for associate. Before your child starts to read, he should think about what he already knows about a subject. Then have him skim through the chapter looking at the pictures, headings, and subheadings. Also have him look for words printed in bold type. Have him write questions he expects to find answers to as he reads the chapter.

R is for read. Have your child read one section of the chapter. Then have him stop. Can he tell you, in his own words, what he just read? If not, have him go back and reread. This is the time to have him write down any words he doesn’t know. Can he figure out what they mean? Have him write down their definitions.

C is for connect. Once your child has finished reading, see if he can answer the questions he wrote before he read the chapter. You can also have him answer the questions at the end of the chapter.

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