• Remember, homework is for your child. Make sure your child really needs help before offering it.

  • Let teachers know when homework helped your child learn.

  • When your child has no homework, enjoy a game together. Read a book aloud.

  • Help your child see the purpose of homework. It teaches your child to be responsible. It also teaches him to manage his time.

  • Mark major due dates on your family’s calendar. This way, you can help your child learn to budget time.

  • Don’t assume your child has no homework. Check with the school to learn the homework policy.

  • Don’t try to help with homework if you are confused or don’t know what is expected.

  • Don’t let out-of-school activities become more important than homework. If a job, team, or activity interferes with homework, your child must set priorities. Schoolwork comes first.

  • Don’t feel that your child always has to be doing “something productive.” There are few things sadder than a burned-out 14-year-old.

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