For some kids, the answer can be simple. They know that they are learning skills that will help them in the future.

But other kids won’t accept that answer. For the second group of kids, it helps to let them see a direct connection between what they’re learning in school and their lives right now. Here are some ideas:

Let your child teach you. Sometimes parents feel that they have to recite everything they know when their child asks a question. Instead, ask your child to tell you about it. Ask more questions. “What happens to the blood when it gets into the heart?”

Put skills to work. Once your child has learned about decimals, have him balance the family checkbook. Or have him figure out the batting averages on his Little League team.

Learn more about geography during breakfast. Where does your child’s morning cocoa come from? Check the label on the box. What countries are mentioned in the morning news? Find them on a map.

Praise your child. Sometimes a child just needs to know that you are on his side. Tell him you know it’s hard work to memorize those multiplication tables. But it’s important, and you’re proud of him for sticking with it.

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