Whether it's a talent for music or a great sense of humor, all children have something that makes them special. What you may not know is that kids learn in different ways.

For most children, one of these three learning styles will be strongest:

Visual learners learn best when they can see a picture in their minds.

Auditory learners learn mainly through their ears. They may be able to tell the answer without being able to write it down.

Kinesthetic learners learn through their bodies. When they have to sit still, their brains seem to “go to sleep.”

All children use all methods of learning. And no one style of learning is appropriate for all children. As a parent, you can help your child develop a homework style suited to the way he learns best.

For instance, here are homework methods you can suggest to help your visual learner:

  • Write lists of spelling words and post them.
  • Put up a map of the U.S. with state capitals highlighted.
  • Make a time line of important dates.
  • Create flash cards to study vocabulary words for English or a foreign language.

These methods will help an auditory learner:

  • Make up poems, rhymes, or other memory cues. Repeat them aloud. Examples: Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. The Spanish Armada met its fate in 1588.
  • Repeat spelling words aloud.
  • Read important lessons aloud.

Kinesthetic learners can use these homework tips:

  • Move around while studying. Try reading while standing up.
  • Act out an important lesson from history.
  • Use a finger to focus the eyes while reading a textbook.

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