Here are some tips that can help you help your child:

Begin at the beginning. Teach your child to break larger assignments into smaller, manageable parts.

Beat the clock. Some time management tips can make study time more productive:

  • Write goals for each study session. Keep them in plain view.
  • Estimate how much time it should take to accomplish each goal. Write it beside the goal.

Organize material. Most kids have trouble learning how to organize their papers. Buy them a colored folder with pockets for each subject—red for English, blue for math, and so on. Then have your child put all the math papers in the proper folder. When it’s time to study, your child should have everything she needs.

Take notes. Writing down important points is one of the best ways to learn them. Your child may think that she has to write down every word—that’s impossible and not necessary. Help her look for the important ideas and write down those. Later, she can fill in a detail or two.

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