Here’s a checklist of questions to ask your child every day that will help her focus on the job at hand:

  • What’s your assignment?

  • Is the assignment clear? If not, have your child call the school’s homework hotline or a friend.

  • When is the homework due? Write down the due dates on your calendar.

  • Do you need anything special to do the homework? If your child needs a trip to the library before writing a book report, decide when you’ll go.

  • Do you need any special supplies like colored pencils, paper or posterboard?

  • Is the assignment something you should finish today? Or is it a long-term project like a science fair project?

  • If the project is long-term, have you broken it down into the steps you’ll need to finish it?

Then help your child make a plan for doing the work. As she finishes each assignment, have her put it in her book bag. Before bed each night, have her check the list to make sure she has everything she’ll need for school the next day.

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