Help your child develop a positive attitude toward school and learning.

Breaks. Kids learn better in short chunks of time. Be sure your child schedules breaks during homework.

Choice. Let your child make choices. Does he want to study after school or in the evening? Does he want to study math first or write his essay?

Directions. Teach your child to read the directions carefully. If you need to, restate directions so your child can understand them.

Encouragement. Your main job as a parent is to encourage your child. Find positive things to say—about his effort and attitude.

Furnishings. Your child needs a good light, a comfortable chair, and supplies including pens and pencils.

Games. When your child has to drill on basic facts, help him make up a game.

Habits. Help your child get the homework habit. Set a regular time and place for homework. During homework time, there should be no television, no phone, and no music.

Incentives. For a difficult assignment, offer your child an incentive. It might be a special treat, a trip to the library, or a chance to spend a some extra time with mom or dad.

Joy. Don’t forget—learning should be fun. Help your child see how hard subjects relate to his special interests.

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