They can go to museums, the library, the zoo, and more. But there are many other places to learn in your community that you might not think of. They are familiar places. But when you take children there to learn, they’ll see their community in a whole new light!

To make learning an adventure, consider taking children to:

  • A garden store or nursery. This is where you can find some hands-on science. Observe nursery workers planting and pruning. Introduce children to “natural pest controls”—ladybugs and praying mantises.

  • The mall. Instead of buying, go on a treasure hunt. Give each person an imaginary $30 to choose something the whole family would enjoy. Discuss value, quality, and trends.

  • A fast-food restaurant. What’s behind the scenes at your local burger or pizza place? Call the restaurant manager to schedule a tour to find out. Check out the machinery. Talk about nutritional choices.

  • The ballpark. Here’s a place you can reinforce math skills. Help children keep score. Figure batting averages and RBI’s. Keep time.

  • A movie house. Ask the manager if you can explore the projector room. Find out where the movies come from. How are movies stored? Who shows them? On what kind of equipment?

  • A hometown tour. Imagine you’re from another place. Visit local sites—including monuments and natural as well as manmade wonders.

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