Museums sometimes have games for kids to play. Or you can make up your own. Here are some ideas:

Museum Detective. Use the exhibit flyers the museum provides. Or buy some postcards from the museum shop. See if your child can find the pictured items. Ask, “Does the real thing look like the picture?” “Are the colors the same?”

I Spy. Take turns describing an object that you see. See if the other person can guess what the object is. For instance, “I spy something that flies.”

Seek and Find. Challenge your child to look more closely at things. See if she can find her “favorites” in museum paintings: her favorite color, food or animal.

Tell Me...When, What, Why or How. Ask a question your child can answer from what she learns from an exhibit. “How did the Indians build a teepee?” “What steps did they take?” “Why didn’t they build houses?”

Connect. Children learn most when they connect something new with what they already know. Ask your child, “What does this remind you of?” For example, a knight’s suit of armor is similar to a catcher’s mask or bicycle helmet.

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