This activity will help them learn more about materials that are biodegradable. You’ll need a shoebox, a plastic bag, soil, and four types of garbage (food, paper, plastic, and metal).

  1. Line the box with a plastic bag. Fill it up halfway with soil.

  2. Cut or tear each piece of garbage into three equal pieces.

  3. Bury three pieces of each type of garbage in rows in the soil. Write the name of the garbage on the outside of the box so you’ll know what’s where.

  4. Sprinkle soil with water to keep moist. Don’t over soak.

  5. After one week, dig up one piece of each type of garbage. Do the same after two and three weeks.

The paper and food are biodegradable. They will break down and be reabsorbed into the earth. The others will not. What can your family do with plastic, metal, or glass besides throwing them away?

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