1. Start by creating an imaginary cash register.

  2. Take $5 worth of change. Divide it into four small boxes—one each for pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.

  3. Next, put together a bag of groceries and other items. If the items don’t have prices on them, mark them with a price yourself.

  4. Make your child the cashier and yourself the customer. Pretend to buy one item—giving your child a $5 bill. Then help your child give you change. If the item is $3.60, for example, count “$3.60 plus 40 cents is $4; plus four quarters is $5.”

  5. Take turns being cashier and customer. Make the game more challenging by increasing the number of items purchased.

  6. Include a product that is priced “three for $1” and buy only one. Explain how the store rounds up the price to 34 cents.

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