Helping your child learn about geography can be a way to bring the entire world around him to life. Here are some fun and educational activities that will get your child thinking a little bit more about geography:

  • Have your child draw a map of how to get from your house to school, church or a friend’s. Then follow the map.

  • Walk outside your house and identify north, south, east and west, as well as northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest. Now use words to describe where things in your town are located. (“My school is northeast of my house.” “City Hall is south of the zoo.”)

  • Is there a pattern to the streets in your town? In some towns, streets run north and south, while avenues run east and west. Or, street names may be alphabetical. Help your child see the patterns. Then when you’re riding on a street, say, “What direction are we heading?”

  • Encourage your child to make a pizza in the shape of a state or country. She can use sauce and toppings to mark important features.

  • Encourage your child to start a collection of objects from countries around the world. Stamps, post cards or coins are all easy to collect and store.

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