To avoid such surprises, help your child come up with a strategy for test review—a routine to follow for every test. Help him create a test review sheet. It should include:

  • The test date.
  • Test content. Will it be a quiz on definitions? Will it cover a specific chapter or class activity?
  • Type of test. Will it be multiple-choice, true-false or an essay test? Knowing the test type should affect how your child studies for it. He’ll need to know more about a term if he has to use it in an essay, for example, than if he simply has to match a term with a definition.

Tell your child it’s important to ask the teacher for this information. He should also follow any review guidelines provided by the teacher.

The review sheet should also include your child’s plan for reviewing for the test. Which days will he study? What times? What reference materials will he use? Where can he find these?

Also encourage your child to think of study strategies he’ll use. Will he review a study guide? Highlight class notes? Make flash cards? Prepare sample test questions? Study with a buddy?

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