Just talking about what he might see at a museum can get your child excited about learning. Once you’re there, the exhibits, tours, and hands-on activities can bring lessons to life.

Your visit is more likely to be an enjoyable family learning experience if you let your child help decide where you go. Check newspapers, the library, and the Internet for special exhibits. Consider one that would relate to what he’s learning in school.

Once you get to the museum:

  • Stop at the information desk first. Have your child pick up a map. Check out locations of exhibits, restaurants, shops and rest rooms.

  • Follow your child’s lead. Let him select and enjoy the exhibits at his own pace. Stand by to discuss any questions he might have. (If you don’t know the answers, jot the questions down to explore later.)

  • Play games. Look at objects on postcards or brochures in the gift shop and ask your young “detective” to find the real thing in the museum. Or ask your child to find paintings that have his favorite objects in them.

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