Studies show that girls are just as able in math as boys. Yet many girls decide math is “too hard” or “not for girls.” Here are some ways you can encourage your daughter in math and science.

  • Help her learn to set goals for herself. Talk about careers she might enjoy. Find out what courses she'll need to prepare for those careers.

  • Take her to visit museums, science centers, or planetariums. Offer to take her friends, too.

  • Maintain a positive attitude about your daughter and math. Parents who think math is hard tend to have daughters who don't do well in math—whatever their ability.

  • Give her responsibility for budgeting household expenses for a month.

  • Look for after-school math or computer classes. Encourage your daughter to enroll.

  • Arrange for a trip to a place where people work with math or science. You might try a hospital, a high tech industry, a scientific lab, or a military base. Contact the public relations office for a tour.

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