It can provide novel ways for your child to learn and practice math skills. Here are some ideas:

Clip coupons. Give your child coupons and some change. Ask him how many ways he can make the coins add up to the coupon amounts. For example, a 30-cent coupon is equal to three dimes and six nickels or two dimes and two nickels. At the store, have him subtract coupon values from the prices of items to get your cost.

Weigh produce. Tell your child that the price of some fruit and vegetables is based on how much they weigh. Point out how the scale shows 16 ounces in a pound. Let him weigh fruit on the scale. How many ounces does the apple weigh? How many apples do you get in a pound?

Estimate costs. In the checkout line, challenge your child to guess the total bill. Tell him the price of each item. Teach him to round up or down. Have him add the items up in his head, keeping a running total out loud. See how close he gets to the actual bill.

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