Is it their native-born talent that makes them succeed in school? Not necessarily, says the U.S. Department of Education.

Most high achievers have above average intelligence. But most would not be considered geniuses. In fact, a high IQ is less important than many other factors, says the Department's publication What Works.

High achievers in any field tend to specialize in one area of interest. They persevere. And they develop the skills they need to lead and get along well with others.

That's true for success in school. It's also true for success on the athletic field or in the concert hall. Those who achieve the best results are those who set a goal and stick to it. They practice their skills over a long period of time. They listen to parents and teachers. They get along well with others.

Parents, teachers, and coaches can all help children develop this successful attitude. By encouraging hard work and self-discipline, you can go a long way toward helping your child become a success.

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