It also shows how you can recycle something to benefit nature. Help your child:

  1. Thoroughly rinse out one or more plastic gallon milk jugs.

  2. Make a door. On one side of the jug, cut out a hole—about one and a half inches around and about one third of the way from the top of the jug.

  3. Make a perch. Find a broken pencil or stick that is about five inches long. Poke this into the plastic half to one inch below the hole.

  4. Place the jug somewhere that’s not too hot. Use the handle to secure the jug birdhouse to an area that’s out of direct sunlight—like under an awning or to a porch.

Encourage your child to track the “parents” coming and going. Talk about what they’re doing. Watch the babies as they start to grow.

Sometimes as many as three sets of babies will grow in a house in one season.

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