They hit what experts call the “4th grade slump”: They spend less time reading. Their concentration decreases. The rate of growth in their vocabulary slows.

This is natural in their reading development. The books they are beginning to read are harder. They need to regroup before tackling this next reading level.

But some kids never get over the slump. They then develop reading skills at half the rate of their peers. To help ensure that your child keeps reading:

  • Keep reading aloud with your child. Your presence validates the importance of reading. Plus you’ll be there to help your child handle any new vocabulary words.

  • Buy at least one new book a month. Or check out a book from the library.

  • Buy or check out magazines and other reading materials that match your child’s interests.

  • Continue to limit TV viewing and other distractions.

  • Let your child be “bored.” Don’t rush out to rent a video or buy some new game or toy. Your child just might pick up a book. Or just as good, she’ll do something creative—like design her own Halloween costume, draw or write a story of her own.

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