Reading for pleasure is important. Children who only read what is required for school can fall behind in their reading skills.

A good way to keep reading on your child’s schedule is to make it a fun, social event. Think of creative ways to blend friends and books. Try having a:

  • Book swap. Have your child invite friends over to exchange and talk about their favorite books.

  • Book club. Organize it around a favorite series. For example, have a Nancy Drew party. Play Clue or another mystery game.

  • Write-a-story party. Arrange the children in a circle. Give each child a sheet of paper. Begin by having each child write a sentence on her sheet of paper. Then have her pass the paper to the next child to write the second sentence. Have them continue passing their stories around until all group members have written a sentence for each story. Then have them read their stories aloud.

  • Joke party. Invite children to bring books with jokes or riddles. Let them take turns reading aloud to the group.

  • Script-reading party. Give a copy of a short, easy-to-read play to all attendees. Encourage them to be dramatic and ham it up.

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