Here are some ways to keep read-aloud time fun in the upper elementary school years:

  • Take turns. You can read aloud some of the time. But give your child a chance to read aloud, too.

  • Start each day of reading by asking your child to recall what you read yesterday. Think about what might happen next.

  • Look for chapter books that have plenty of plot twists and interesting characters. This is a time when children expand their language skills, learn new vocabulary, and have longer attention spans. Ask your school librarian for help if you don’t know the books your child might like.

  • Stop when you get to an exciting place in the story. Stopping is as important as starting. That way, you’ll both want to read again tomorrow to see what happens next.

  • Talk about what you’ve read. Has your child ever faced a situation like the one in the book? Do you know anyone like the main character?

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