Being read stories that are just beyond their reading level exposes children to new vocabulary and ideas. It stretches their imagination and their understanding of the world.

Reading aloud to your child will be a positive learning experience for your child if you do these things:

  • Make it routine. Children look forward to having “special time” with their parents.

  • Be willing to read the same books more than once. Repetition helps children learn.

  • Don’t read too fast. Stop to talk about what’s happened and guess at what might be coming.

  • Ask questions, but don’t quiz your child. Give your child time to answer.

  • Read aloud for 15 to 30 minutes.

  • Read with enthusiasm, expression, and playfulness—but don’t put on a full production.

  • Choose a variety of materials (books, magazines) that appeal to both you and your child.

  • Feel free to “edit.” Skip over material that is boring or inappropriate for your child.

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