Children who don’t read through the summer may slip far back in their learning by fall. Here are some fun ways to keep your kids reading:

Read it, then do it. Does your child want to learn magic tricks? Juggling? Computer games? There’s sure to be a book that can help him. Have your child read the instructions and then give it a try.

Look it up. When your kids ask questions you can’t answer, write them down. The next time you’re in the library, choose one or two questions. See if you can be “detectives” and find the answers.

Read magazines. Especially in the summer, magazines are a great way to keep reading. They can be rolled up and stuffed into beach bags or backpacks. The articles aren’t long and usually have pictures.

Look for lighter reading. Ask the librarian to recommend books kids love. Try joke books or other books that will make your child laugh.

Set a schedule. Each day, make sure there’s some time for everyone in the family to read. When your kids are quietly reading, you can curl up with a book yourself.

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