Sometimes, treat your child to the lighter side of reading to get her excited about it. Create a “Funny Reading” night.

Gather funny resources—a joke book, a story told in riddles, and comic books—and small sheets of paper. Before your fun night, ask your child to bookmark a funny part of a book she’s reading. Share how you’re marking places in your books.

On Funny Reading night:

  • Read the marked paragraphs to one another.

  • Take turns reading jokes.

  • Help your child read the riddle story or comics to you.

  • Play a word game. On separate sheets of paper, have your child write a word from the funny resources. Ask her to place each sheet in a row on the floor. Then help her rearrange the words to make a funny sentence. Fill in words like a, to, of, and the. For example, “The purple cat skipped into the flying backpack.”

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