No one has to nag most of us to brush our teeth. It’s part of our regular routine.

Routines can make it much easier for your kids to do their chores without nagging. Once a job becomes a regular part of the day, it will usually get done without much comment or complaint.

Here’s how to set up a routine:

  • Talk about a problem at a time other than when it’s happening. If you’re yelling about unfinished homework, it’s not the time to come up with an action plan.
  • Involve your child. You might say, “I’m sick of nagging you about homework. I’ll bet you’re sick of it, too. Let’s figure out a way to get it done without so much conflict.”
  • Put your plan in writing. Create a checklist for things your child should do after school.
  • Be patient. Your child will take a few days to get into a new routine. She may slip up a time or two.
  • Review and change. If your child has made a good faith effort and the plan still isn’t working, it’s time to make some changes. Keep trying and you will have a routine both you and your child can live with.

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