So this is a good time to teach them that a gift that shows effort and attention can mean more than one from a store.

All that’s needed are some basic school supplies like paper, crayons and paint, packaging from around the house and some imagination.

First talk to your child about gift giving. What does it mean to give something to someone?

Then brainstorm what your child might give. Does she have a special talent? Could she sing or write a song? Is there a chore she could do—like washing the dishes for week? Perhaps she could loan a special toy to a sister or friend for a week?

If the gift is a chore or other activity, have your child make a card with a note on it describing the gift.

Help your child use imagination to come up with an inviting package. Could he paint a small rock and wrap it in a big box? Could he could make an envelope out of the Sunday comics?

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