Your child can set up a lab right in your kitchen. He’ll learn more about science as he has a great time.

  1. Put a large pan in your kitchen sink. Add some empty jars. Next fill other containers with water, food coloring, oil, vinegar, baking soda, and syrup.

  2. Assemble tools—mixing spoons, measuring spoons, an eyedropper, a baster, and a funnel.

  3. Locate some small objects such as pasta pieces, peppercorns, or corks.

  4. Pour some syrup, colored water, and oil into the same jar. Do they mix? Which is heaviest? Which is lightest?

  5. Add ¼ cup vinegar and 2 tablespoons baking soda to the liquid. Watch as the potion bubbles.

  6. Drop small objects into the liquid. Do they float or sink?

  7. Look for other things to add. Be sure to have your child keep a record of his experiments.

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