Here are some fun activities you can do with your children. All of them will help sharpen your children's ability to observe and predict—important skills for a scientist. And most will also get you outside to enjoy spring weather.

  • Keep a weather chart. Keep track of the temperature and other weather information every day for an entire month.

  • Adopt a tree. Each day, observe the changes in the tree. Are the leaves emerging? Are the branches growing?

  • On a sunny day, wet two washcloths. Hang one in the sun to dry. Hang one in the shade. Ask your children to predict which will dry first. Wait to see if they are right.

  • Take a walk at night and look at the stars. Get a book from the library and try to identify some of the constellations.

  • Visit a nearby park or nature preserve. Record all the animals you see. Classify them—mammals, birds, reptiles, etc.

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