Doing these things can get the school year started off right:

• Ask questions. If your child seems uneasy about school, ask her about it. What is she worried about?

• Say it’s normal. Acknowledge your child’s fears. Try to relay a time when you were nervous about something when you were going back to school.

• Figure out ways to change the situation. If your child is afraid of being teased, practice ways to respond.

• Meet with teachers. Let your child see that you will be working as a team on her behalf.

• Build excitement. Find out what’s in store for kids at school. What will they do and learn? Then share this with your child.

• Make way for schoolwork. Ensure your child has a quiet place to study. Get pencils, paper and other needed supplies.

• Review school rules. Get a copy of homework and discipline policies. Discuss what you expect your child to do and what will happen if she doesn’t.

• Set up a home routine. Make sure children have dinner and get in bed at a set time. Introduce rules about watching less TV. Have a family reading or study time.

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