If your child complains about recess and not having anyone to play with, suggest that he:

1. Seek out someone to play with. Look for someone else who is also alone. Choose a game, then ask the person to play.

2. Join games. When kids line up to play and take turns, get in line.

3. Start early. Try to get involved in a game at the start of recess. It’s more difficult to join in once a game gets going.

4. Bring something fun from home to play with at recess (if the school allows this). Then ask someone to play with it with you.

5. Pick the right play partners. Watch other students to see which ones play without teasing or fighting. Then play with those people.

6. Steer clear of troublemakers. They may let others play with them, but then everyone gets in trouble.

7. Keep out of trouble. Don’t climb fences, grab balls from kids or do other things that shouldn’t be done.

If these ideas don’t rescue recess, get some help. Ask a teacher or school counselor to watch what happens on the playground. Your child or you can explain how your child feels about recess and ask for suggestions for making recess better.

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