Teacher Sandy Spaulding of Sacramento, Calif., recommends asking children questions about how they think the year is going as you are preparing for the parent-teacher conference. She suggests these questions:

  • What do you like about your class this year?
  • What are some of the most successful things you have done this year?
  • What was the most difficult project for you so far?
  • What are some things you need to work on this year?

Listen carefully to the answers. Write them down and take them with you when you meet with the teacher.

This information will give you some new insights into your child’s progress in school. As you discuss them with the teacher, you may learn things about your child you would not have learned in any other way.

When you return from the conference, let your child know you discussed the issues he raised. This will let him know that you care about his opinions. It is also likely to make him work harder, since he knows you and the teacher are both working hard to help him be successful.

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