Yet a conference with the principal can sometimes be the best way to solve school problems.

When should you ask for a conference? Grading practices, class placement, or continuing problems with a teacher should all be brought to the principal's attention.

You should also tell your principal about changes in your child's health or family life that might affect learning.

Concerns about discipline, reports of mistreatment at school or items reported as missing are also reasons for a conference.

Call ahead to request a time for your conference. Principals are very busy. Usually before or after school is the best time for a conference.

It's a good idea to tell the principal why you've asked for the conference. That way, the principal can have answers to your questions close at hand.

Have a clear idea of what you want from the conference. Do you want to inform the principal of a situation? Or do you want the principal to take action?

Finally, don't worry that your child will suffer because you have met with the principal. By working with your child's principal, you can ensure the best possible education for your child.

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