Your child may need help managing his homework time.

The first step to solving this problem is to ask for a conference with the teacher, say two teachers who have written many books together. Attend the conference with your child and discuss:

• Any learning difficulties that might be getting in the way of completion of daily work.

• The teacher’s viewpoint, and your child’s viewpoint, on why he is not finishing homework.

• The development of a plan that will help your child handle his work better.

To better manage homework time, kids should first survey the work to see what needs to be done. Then decide in what order he should do the assignments so that all will get done.

Children also need to avoid getting too tired to concentrate while doing homework. So, two homework sessions might be better than one.

Children shouldn’t be expected to give up recess to complete homework assignments, say the teachers. They need a break from school work, and a chance to use up some of their energy.

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