A story about a walk home from school may turn into an epic that’s ready for the movie screen. Since many kids think of writing as work, try to use your child’s love of stories to keep an interest in writing alive. Here are three story starters that can make writing fun:1. Character Interview. Help your child imagine a character she wants to write about. She needs to know more about this person, so she could pretend to be a reporter and do an interview. She will ask questions like these: What do you look like? Where do you live? What do you like to eat? 2. What If? Have your child turn her “What If” questions into stories. Suppose she asks, “What if our dog Gizmo climbed into the school bus and came to school with me?” Say, “Write what might happen.” Would Gizmo go to class with you? Would he sit at his own desk? The wilder your child’s imagination, the better her story will be. 3. Tall Tales. Your child has told you a tall tale again. Just hand her a roll of long paper. Say, “That’s a great story. Write it down and you’ll have a real tall tale.”

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