Children can carve out the time they need to think and dream, to choose just the right word, and to make revisions. To promote writing this summer, encourage your child to:

  • Keep a journal. Look for a pretty book that will make her want to write. She can spend time each day writing down her thoughts.

  • Record observations. What could be the story of the old woman at the bank who brought in bag after bag of pennies? Perhaps she could be the main character in a mystery. Or how did she feel watching a sunset? Suggest that she try to capture her feelings in a poem.

  • Write for a purpose. Are you visiting another town this summer? Have her write to the Chamber of Commerce to learn about things to do. Or have her write a letter to the Chamber in your own city.

  • Publish what she writes. Send stories to family members and friends. Or help her make a collection of her stories and poems that you could give to grandparents for holiday or birthday gifts.

  • Read. The best advice to any writer: “Read, read, read, and write, write, write.”

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