But if that sounds like your teen’s entire weekend, it may be time to shake things up.

Here are some ideas for ways to help your teen make good use of time:

  • Extracurricular activities. Every high school student can benefit from being a part of at least one extracurricular activity. Whether your teen likes sports, acting, music or something else, activities will keep him connected to school. They will also help him meet others who like the same things.
  • Community activities. These might be picnics, field trips or classes put on by your local government or neighborhood. Or they might be religious or secular youth groups. Those are just two examples. Ask other parents in your community to suggest some others.
  • Family time. Plan a family activity each weekend. For example, cook a meal together, go on a walk, or go to a movie or sporting event. Make just one rule—every family member must take part, even teens. You’ll have the most luck if you pick a time, such as Sunday afternoon, when teens may not have plans with friends. Your teen may grumble at first. But getting together each week will bring your family closer.


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