As a parent, you’ll want to help your teen be self-confident without becoming self-centered.

John Gray, a best selling author who writes about relationships, offers some tips for ways to do this.

  • Don’t compare your teen with others. Everyone is good at something. Don’t ignore the songs your teen writes in his room because you’re wishing he was out on the football field.
  • Apologize to your teen when you are wrong. This lets her know that it’s okay for adults (or anyone) to make mistakes. They should do their best to correct them, and then move on.
  • Encourage your teen to strive for goals, but cope with setbacks.

Gray says girls often need support to go after what they want. Boys are more likely to go for their goals, he says. But they feel beaten if they don’t succeed on the first try. Listen and support them. Offer advice only if they ask for it.

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