Some children outgrow problems with attention and hyperactivity. Others do not. Children well into their teen years can continue to struggle with the problem, known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD.)

If you think your teen has ADHD, see a doctor. Only a doctor can diagnose ADHD and treat it. Treatment can include a behavior plan, medication or both.

Teens with ADHD need routine:

  • Make a daily schedule with your teen. Post it in a place where she can refer to it often.
  • Try to keep fairly constant times for getting up, meals, homework and bed.

Teens with ADHD need limits:

  • Discuss the behavior you expect with your teen. It’s likely you’ll agree on many points. Teens want to live in a peaceful household too.
  • Give more freedom when she shows she can stick to her limits. Use consequences if she does not. Work these out before, so she knows what to expect.

Teens with ADHD usually need help in school:

  • Work with teachers to keep distractions to a minimum.
  • Keep close track of her school assignments.
  • Have your teen evaluated for more specialized help if necessary. She may need to work in a quiet place, work in smaller groups instead of a large classroom, or have one-on-one instruction for some lessons.

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